Production & Engineering

Manny Martinez y la Rebeldia- Identidad Profunda

Saaalsa! Bay Area Boricua flava featuring some of the areas top musicians led by vocalist Manny Martinez. Features Christian Pepin, David Belove, Erick Peralta, Ray Martinez, Marty Wehner, Camilo Landau and many others. Find out more

Pasacal Bokar- Afrobluegrazz

Dr. Pascal Bokar Thiam aka Pascal Bokar in the music world is releasing is new CD entitled "American Shores". The Paris, France, native who grew up in Segou, Mali and Dakar, Senegal calls this new musical style AFRO BLUE GRAZZ. It is a blend of West African rhythms and percussion with the sounds of the banjo and fiddle in a Jazz, R&B and Gospel stew.  Find out more

La Cuneta Son Machin- Canambuco featuring Carlos Mejia Godoy

The latest production with La Cuneta featuring Nicaraguan legend Carlos Mejia Godoy. This repressents a new chapter in Nicaraguan music as La Cuneta takes Son Nica, Palo de Mayo and Nicaraguan Cumbia to new levels. Find out more

Los Cojolites- Rema Rema

The latest production with Los Cojolites featuring Natalia Laforcade. This was recorded in Xalapa, Veracruz and captures the evolution of this revolutionary Son Jarocho ensemble. Find out more


Origianl music for the film soundtrack for Robert Young's film, Alambrista that rtaces the journey of a Mexican migrant worker though California in the 1960's. With Jose "Dr. Loco" Cuellar, Francisco Herrera and Tomas Montoya | Find out more

La Mission

"Why Do I Wait for You" (La Mission Soundtrack) - Low and Slow. Music from and inspired by the film "La Mission" by Peter and Benjamin Bratt. New low rider classics that brought me back to my Mission High school roots. Soulful voices of Bryan Dyer, Michelle Jacques, Orlando Torriente and Francisco Herrera.  | Find out more

I Ride

The Fryed Brothers Featuring Willie Nelson - Music from Daren Kerr's film featuring Willie Nelson. "The most gangerous band in America". Biker rock, Cali style. | Find out more

Rebirth Canal

"Why Do You Love Me Like You Do" (International Rhythm Witchcraft) - An emerging San Francisco jazz ensemble that blends Debussy-inspired piano with Afroamerican grooves and vocals in French, English and Vietnamese. Features John Santos. | Find out more


Born out of San Francisco’s Mission District in 2014, Soltron honors the traditions of the Afro-Latino musical diaspora while artfully blending electronic, hip-hop and rock influences. | Find out more

The Cuban Cowboys - Diablo Mambo

"Hialeah"  Jorge Navarro's narrative of Cuban American culture. Ramones meet Tito Puente, Oakland style. Features Carne Cruda rhythm section. | Find out more

John Calloway - Diaspora

Bay Area flautist John Calloway with an all star cast of Bay Area muscians. Amazing arrangements and virtuistic performances. | Find out more

Carne Cruda - Oakland's Tight

Oakland's no 1 Post Latin, cumbia, funk jazz ensemble. Irreverent and cutting edge music, featuring my nephew Camilo Landau. Oakland's Tight should be the campaign song for the mayor. | Find out more

Raq Filipina

Raq Filipina explores her Filipina roots in this Tagalog language exploration of world music. | Find out more

Jeremy Goodfeather

Goodfeather's exploration of his own Native American spirituality in an Urban envirnment. | Find out more

Creole Belles

Zydeco CD by Bay Area msuicians released bu Arhoolie Receords. | Find out more

Santero - Hijo De Obatala

Santero reflects on the spiritual influences in his life. Latin influenced reggaeton hip hop in this post modern exploration of classic orisha songs. Featured on NPR and Latino USA. | Find out more

Santero - Arawaks And Maroons

DJ/poet/rapper Santero in a cumbia hip hop fusion featuring Mr E, tearing up the turntables. | Find out more

Piri Thomas

No Mo' Barrio Blues is Piri Thomas second CD - new poems that represent his "Berkeley" phase as he reflects on his own evolution and post-barrio consciousness. | Find out more

Keith Terry and Crosspulse

Keith Terry's body music ensemble explores world music styles in his own unique way. | Find out more

The Bus Rider's Union

The soundtrack to Haskell Wexler's film about the Los Angeles upstart Bus Rider's Union. Features Manny Martinez and Omar Sosa in the most unlikey role. | Find out more

Sambada - Gente

This second CD features Wagner Profeta and Marcio Peeter from Bahia, Brazil and explores exerything from surf music to Brazilian funk. 2010 | Find out more


Brazilian funk band based in Santa Cruz, CA. This band celebrates the diversity of this community bringing Brazilian singers Dandha and Pabiba together with a diverse group of Santa Cruz musicians. We had a lot fun and pain recording this.  2009 | Find out more

Francisco Herrera

Honor Migrante - Xicano Soul music by Calexican border trovador. These songs embody the struggle of immigants to find a place in this society. Francisco is a unique voice that captures the Chicano experience, a mix of cultures and influences.  2010 | Find out more

Omar Sosa & Greg Landau

Omar Sosa and I explore electronic music on a rare day off in the studio. We abandoned our usual genres and mashed up the most inappropriate elements in a post modern mix. 2010, release on Six Degrees. | Find out more


Casa Abierta With Jackson Browne - Partially recorded in my living room and Jackson Browne's mega studio, in 1992.  This group was a part of Nicaragua's Volcanto Movement. Their voices and songs expressed the optimism of the Nicaraguan Revolution. This features Jackson Browne and his Life in the Balance band as well as John Santos and David Belove. | Find out more

Soul Vibrations

Black History / Black Culture : Afro- Nicaraguan Music.
Recorded in Managua in 1988, this CD is Afro-Nicaraguan music and Reggae. A classic recording that put Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast on the map for many World music lovers. | Find out more

Carne Cruda

I Love You More Than Tacos | Find out more

The Other Barrio
Changui Majadero
Pamela Rodriguez

En La Orilla - Features some of Peru's top musicians Juan Medrano Cotito, Gaujaja, Freddy Uchpa, Daniel Mojica, Fallo Muniz and Oaktown jazz, hip hop icon, Josh Jones. | Find out more

Laura Rebolloso

Laura Rebolloso y Ensamble Marinero - "Por la Esperanza de Mexico." Laura brings together a group of amzaing Son Jarocho and jazz Mexican musicians, with her deep lyrics and Woman's perspecive of Mexican pressing issues. Features legendary Afro- Peruvian cajonero Juanchi Vasquez and Cuban singers, Sonia Cornuchet and Caridad Herrera | Find out more

Susana Baca

Seis Poemas - Luaka Bop release of Susana Baca's tribute to Chabuca Granda and Peruvian poets. Recorded in Peru in 2008. | Find out more

Cuba Without Borders

Six Degrees records release of my compilation of Cuban music from Cuba and the SF Bay Area.  2001 | Find out more

Patato Valdés

(Ritmo Y Candela) | Find out more

Los Cojolites - Zapateando

Traditional Son Jarocho songs recorded in my studio in Alameda the day after they were back from the Grammys in 2013. | Find out more

La Cuñeta Son Machin

(Mondongo) | Find out more

Amadito Valdes

(Bajando Gervasio) | Find out more

Omar Sosa - Calma

Omar Sosa asked me to edit his solo piano performance and chop up his 8-14 minute improvisations nto 4 minute chunks. This is an amazingly subtle yet deep performance. | Find out more

Pamela Rodriguez

Peru Blue - Nominated as Best New Artist in the Latin Grammys 2006, features Peru's top musicians. | Find out more

Cascada De Flores

"Todo A Tus Pies" (Mi Sueño) | Find out more

Los Cojolites - No Tiene Fin

"Son Sin Fin" - My first recording with Veracruz's Son Jarocho, done in one afternoon. This features Lila Downs on one track. My favorite. | Find out more

Pat Wynne

"The Pawn Broker's Window" (Singing Is Believing) | Find out more


"Plena pa'l Mundo" (Familia) - Bay Area Latin Funk band includes classic plena songs and the Mission District fusion of reggae latin funk. | Find out more

Los Mocosos

"Señor Presidente" (American Us) - Los Mocosos Six Degrees release, Latin Funk featuring Manny Martinez. | Find out more


"Jarocho Elegua" (Sing the Real) - Los Angeles Son Jarocho rockers have revolutionized Chicano music. Their complex textures express the deep nuances in Chicano identity. Released by Vanguard Records. Bonus track with legendary Matanzas drummer Sandy Perez.  Recorded in Chick Correa's studio in LA in 2001. | Find out more

Los Cojolites - Sembrando Flores

"Sembrando Flores" - This CD features a more mature band with the same fire and energy that characterizes this band. The Grammy nomination shocked us all, as we beat out some of Mexico's top bands. 2012 | Find out more

Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band

"Barrio Misión" (Barrio Ritmos & Blues) - Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band featuring Omar Sosa, Culture Clash and Bill Ortiz. Classic Barrio sounds from the Godfather of post Pachuco culture. Recorded in 1997 in Loco's garage with members of Ozomatli. | Find out more

Susana Baca

"Enciendete Candela" (Susana Baca) - Susana Baca's debut on Luaka Bop - Executive Producer David Byrne - Recorded in Peru in 1996 - Mixed by Dave Nelson. This introduced Susana Baca to the world. | Find out more

Los Terry

"El Noticiero" (From Africa to Camaguey) - The legendary Terry family, featuring Ivan "Melon" Gonzalez, Dafnis Prieto, Laito and John Santos. Recorded in Cuba in 1995 during the "special period." Musicians rode bikes to the sessions. | Find out more

Susana Baca

"05 El Fusil del Poeta" (Geografias) | Find out more

Susana Baca

"Plena Y Bomba (Featuring Calle 13)" (Afrodiaspora) - Susana Baca's celebration of Latin American music. Features Rene of Calle 13 and a tribute to the Meters with an Afro-Peruvian version of Hey Pockey Way with Wayne Wallace. | Find out more

Maldita Vecindad

"Fut Callejero (Pura Diversion)" (Circular Colectivo) - Mexican rockers recorded this with me in San Francisco's Coast Studios in 2012.  I met them through Dr. Loco, who they worshipped as the "Godfather of Pachucos". Also features Omar Sosa and Karl Perrazo. | Find out more

John Fromer

"One In The Number" (We Do The Work) - Jon Fromer carried on the torch of Woody Gutherie with politically charged soulful songs. I miss him a lot. | Find out more

Enrique Fernandez

"Bolero en el Olvido" (Cantos Del Sexto Sol) | Find out more

Amadito Valdes

"Amado Amadito" (Amado Amadito) | Find out more

Raul Ramirez

"Con Zapato y Todo" (Con Zapato y Todo) - Afro Peruvian jazz, features a host of amazing musicians, recorded over a ten years period. Raul is Peruvian percussionist who accompanies many jazz singers. | Find out more

Pancho Quinto

"En El Solar La Cueva Del Humo" (En El Solar La Cueva Del Humo) - This classic record is Pancho Quinto's first CD. | Find out more

Oaktown Irawo

"I Will Always Remember You" (Funky Cubonics) - A groundbreaking CD features Omar Sosa, Jesus Diaz, Yosvany Terry, Tower of Power drummer, David Garibaldi, Bill Ortiz, Rahssan Fredericks, John Calloway, Marty Whener and Bassoonist, Paul Hanson, Greg Landau on guitar. 1998, recorded in two late night sessions in San Francisco. | Find out more

Pancho Quinto

"La Gorra" (Rumba Sin Fronteras) - Cuba's top rumbero with Omar Sosa, a ruma and R&B mashup - Havana meets Oakland. | Find out more


"Blv. Internacional" (Relatos Rebeldes) - Fuga is a punky hyper jarocho polka cumbia fusion that represents a politically aware Chicano youth movement. It features Liche Oseguerra on sevral cuts. | Find out more

Patato Valdés

"Son de Patato" (Ritmo Y Candela II: African Crossroads) | Find out more

Bobi Céspedes

"California" (Rezos) - Six Degrees release of Oakland based Cuban singer Bobi Cespedes features Cuban arranger/pianist Oriente Lopez, who played with Afrocuba and Silvio Rodriguez and Mongo Santamaria's protogee, Nenge Hernandez and legernday hip-hop drummer/producer, One Drop Scot. Electro-son? | Find out more

Patato Valdés

"San Francisco Tiene Su Propio Son" (The Legend of Cuban Percussion) - This is a Six Degrees reissue of the Grammy nominated "Ritmo y Candela CD's. Features Changuito, Orestes Vilato, Rebeca Mauleon, ENrique Fernandez, Miguel "Anga" Diaz, Ivan "Melon" Gonzalez and Omar Sosa. | Find out more

Piri Thomas

"Cara De Palo Thoughts" (Sounds Of The Streets) - Nuyorican poet Piri Thomas with Carlos "Patato" Valdes, Orestes Vilato, Joe Santiago and Enrique Fernandez jamming in the studio for an afternoon. I later cut and pasted it together with no computer. 2003 | Find out more